Mousey Mousey…want some cheeeeeze?!

Guten Tag!

My honeymoon to Disneyworld is coming up in a few months and I am SUPER excited. So excited that I typed “Mouse” in my inventory search and this outfit popped up. It doesn’t have anything to do with Mickey Mouse but I thought it was super cute so I decided to air it out && put it on. It’s incredibly outdated (from 2011 to be exact) but I spent money on it at some point, so why not get some use out of it. And like I said, it’s pretty cute and fun.

Entire outfit, including the hair and glasses are from Intrigue Co. Like I said the outfit is old but I believe they are still around and they might still be selling this outfit. I think there were other outfits like a dinosaur, etc.

mouse_001 mouse_002 mouse_003 mouse_005 mouse_006


Grunge Love

Guess who’s back! THIS GIRL! I’m not going to promise that I’m going to be doing this blogging thing regularly so I’ll skip all that jazz. Just like what everyone else says when they come back to their blog, things have been crazy hectic busy in RL. All good things and BIG changes! Got married in RL and have been enjoying being a newlywed. ❤

I did a little updating with my avatar and have embraced this mesh madness! I have a mesh head, hands/feet (who doesn’t though?!), mesh body, and the typical mesh azz, several mesh asses to be exact.

Here is a quick outfit I through together that I really liked and thought it was a good way to represent where I’m from…Good ole Seattle!

Grunge Love!

 redflannel redflannel2 redflannel4 redflannel3

What I’m wearing:

Mesh Head: TheMeshProject – Babydoll (The Shops)

Skin: DeeTalez Jule or Loreen (sorry! not sure which one) in Nordic (with appliers for all mesh add ons)

Hands and Feet: Slink

Hair: LeLutka – Adele hair – Marilyn (super old hair but LOVE it!)

Top: AMITOMO – Long T-shirt including waist flannel shirt

Bottom: .AUTOPSY.: Leggins Thor Black

Shoes: CandyDoll- Gossa Bloody

Tats: /artillery/ old school 2 (super old school!)

If you have any questions or feel I left something out, feel free to contact in world: Candace Flossberg

No matter how hard I try…

No matter how hard I try...

I’ll always be a Dirty Bottom Bitch.

Hair: Exile – All over you in Light blondes
Hair bow: Spellbound – Adored bow in purple
Skin: tsg. Chloe in Lolita
Eyebrows: The Skinnery – Naturalbrows – Sassy – brunette
Eyes: tsg. Luminate – Silver
Mouth: Loud Mouth – Alli – Closed
Breasts: Lolas – Tango Delicq – Wet look (new and LOVE them!)
Ass: Linc – Cute as
Hands: SLink – Hands – Elegant
Dress: HolliPocket – Lacey Nighty – Cherry (you can’t tell the color but putting that on here for the hell of it)
Jewelry: RYCA – Necklace – Gold

Shower fun with Nemis Xue

First off, sorry that it’s been over a month since I’ve posted. I don’t think anyone really reads this blog, but if they do, my bad!

This blog post is going to be a little different. Ok, VERY different. But it’s my blog and I can do what I want! :p

This post is Candace Flossberg on one of her many sexual adventures. On this adventure she met a sexy and curvaceous Futa and one thing led to another…Enjoy!


tumblr_n7szzoOap51tdfp22o1_1280 tumblr_n7szzoOap51tdfp22o2_1280 tumblr_n7szzoOap51tdfp22o3_1280 tumblr_n7szzoOap51tdfp22o4_1280 tumblr_n7szzoOap51tdfp22o5_1280 tumblr_n7szzoOap51tdfp22o7_1280 tumblr_n7szzoOap51tdfp22o8_1280 tumblr_n7szzoOap51tdfp22o10_1280


Nemis Xue say’s “You seem to be leaking from your ass.”
ȼµɲţ ʍµƒƒɨɲ (candace.flossberg) say’s “yeah it’s been a problem lately.”
Nemis Xue say’s “maybe you need a bigger butt plug?”
ȼµɲţ ʍµƒƒɨɲ (candace.flossberg) say’s “I agree.”
Nemis Xue grabs her by the back of the head and pulls her into the shower as she turns on the water, pressing her against the wall as she runs a hand across her body. “So glad we ran into each other…” She lifts her leg and gets on her knees as she begins licking at her lips to her cunt as her hand begins to rub her clit hard…
ȼµɲţ ʍµƒƒɨɲ (candace.flossberg) arches her back against the hard surface as water covers her body, she grabs Nemis’s head and pushes it harder against her clit, moaning and biting her lips, rocking her hips against her lips.
Nemis Xue purs and moans as she is pressed harder against her cunt as her lips wrap around her clit sucking on it as hard as she could. Her tongue flicking hard and fast against it. She reaches both her hands up one grabbing at her ass cheek as a digit rubs the rim of her asshole, the other going between the lips of her cunt, teasing her wet hole….
ȼµɲţ ʍµƒƒɨɲ (candace.flossberg) cries out and rocks harder against her lips and tongue. Pleasure shoots through her as she laps at her pussy, driving her wild. Her cunt throbs and aches as it stretches and lubricates, ready for a hard cock inside of it…
Nemis Xue couldn’t help it as she reached up and pulled her down onto her throbbing hard cock, forcing her to take the large cock into her mouth as she took her other hand and began to play with her pussy as the warm water covered both their bodies. “mmmm…suck it…like if….you want me to fuck ….you…” She said between gasp of breath and moans….
ȼµɲţ ʍµƒƒɨɲ (candace.flossberg) gets down on the crowd and eagerly takes her cock in her mouth, licking it up and down with her tongue before she opens her mouth wide and slides it into her mouth. She tightens her lips around it as she grabs the base with her hand. Vigorously she moves her mouth up and down, groaning as the monster cock stretches her jaw wide open, vibrations from her throat shooting down the shaft.
Nemis Xue she moans and groans as her cock seems to get bigger and thicker in her mouth, “ohhh….mmmm..rub….my…clit..” She say as she enjoys the pleasure she is receiving as she moves under her and begins to lick at her cunt again. This time she penetrates her cunt with two fingers as she traps her clit between her teeth, flicking her tongue against it as she breaths hard and moans against it….
ȼµɲţ ʍµƒƒɨɲ (candace.flossberg) rubs and flicks with her tongue, work up the shaft and wiping her mouth, taking in a deep breath of air as she opens her mouth wider and sucks down deep again. Her lips rubbing against the piercings as she moves up and down, flicking the tip with her tongue. She spits a wad of gag spit on the shaft for lubrication as she covers her cock with her mouth once more. Grinding her hips, she grinds her clit on her tongue, moaning and tightening her muscles in pleasure.
Nemis Xue pulls herself out from under her as she pulls her to the side of the shower and plows her cock into her tight cunt. Groaning and moaning as she tries to force it all in at once as she pulls out and with one hard thrust forward forces it all the way to the bottom of her jacobs ladder piercings. She leans in to bite and kiss her neck as she reaches one hand around and rubs her clit furiously as the other spankds her right ass cheek every time she pulls out….
ȼµɲţ ʍµƒƒɨɲ (candace.flossberg) screams and bites down hard on her lips to stifle her cries as her huge cock forces it’s way inside of her. Her tight cunt stretching forcefully as she fills every inch, tearing her hole slightly to accommodate the girth. As the pain turns to pleasure, she starts to groan and whimper, hanging onto the shower door, bracing herself for each thrust. She rocks her hips back and forth, meeting each thrust, her ass bouncing against Nemis’s stomach, her cheek red from the spanking…
Nemis Xue wraps her arms around her stomach as she continue to thrust into her lifting her too her legs. “mmm….ohhh…..fuck….moan loud….er…slut!!!….” as she leans in biting the back of her neck her hands grab her tits hard, digging the nails of her index and thumb right into her nipples as she pinches and pulls on them. Her thrust increase in speed as she forces more of her cock in. The prince Albert piercing and head of her cock bashing against her cervix wall with each thrust forward as pre begins to drip from her cock. Her own breast bouncing up an down rubbing against her back and spine as she moans into her ears….
ȼµɲţ ʍµƒƒɨɲ (candace.flossberg) moans louder as she’s commanded. Reaching behind her, she grabs her ass cheeks and spreads them, opening herself so she can see her gapping hole as she thrusts into her harder and deeper. Her breasts bounce up and down violently with each thrust, she can feel her breasts bouncing and hitting her back with each movement. The eroticism of it all driving her wild, her pleasure building and building, threatening to overtake her….
Nemis Xue see’s the gaping asshole and pulls out plunging her dick right into it in one quick motion as she forces her onto the ground hard. “mmmm….is thi….s what….you…wanted…” she asked as she roughly fucks her asshole, causing lewd noise and pre to come from it with each thrust in and out of her as she holds her down with her arms….
ȼµɲţ ʍµƒƒɨɲ (candace.flossberg) cries out as her gapping hole is filled, her breasts pressed roughly against the ground as she’s pushed against the floor. Her ass bounces as she thrusts into her, filling her with even more pleasure, closing her eyes she loses herself to the pleasureful sensations.

Nemis Xue continues to thrust into her faster and deeper each time, as she turns her around and takes her legs. Closing them as she grabs them, holding onto them tightly as she pulls her back in onto her cock with each thrust. Her pierced nipples and tits bouncing against her legs with each thrust as her pre begins to drip out more and her own cunt drips juices out onto the floor of the shower…
ȼµɲţ ʍµƒƒɨɲ (candace.flossberg) can’t stand it any longer, arching her back and moaning a last loud moan she gives in and succumbs to her pleasure. Her orgasm rips through her body, affecting each and every muscle, making it convulse and relax at the same time. Her asshole tightens around her cock, grasping and squeezing it even tighter as her orgasm works itself through her body, leaving her body twitching and exhausted in it’s wake. Her gaping, used cunt convulses and tightens as well, her female cream dripping from her hole and sliding onto her cock as it moves in and out of her tired body.
Nemis Xue smirks as she takes advantage of her intense orgasm and alternates fucking her cunt and asshole pulling out and going into another. Over and over again covering her cock in the juices as her own orgasm nears, the pre turning thicker, sticker, and about to become a stream. She feels it pulling out of her as she reaches down with a hand grasping the base of her cock, “open your mouth slut!” she screams as she lets go and begins to fuck her tits as she screams in pleasure squirt her thick, sticky, hot, cum onto her face and tits as her own cunt squirts it’s juices out on to her stomach. She continues till every last drop is out as her body shiver and trembles from the pleasure. A hand is reach back to penetrate both her holes with two digits each….
ȼµɲţ ʍµƒƒɨɲ (candace.flossberg) opens her mouth and swallows every drop like a good slut
Nemis Xue rubs her cock against her face as she pulls the two fingers out licking them clean as she then stands, “Theres a towel, clean yourself off slut…” and she walks away…

If you’d like to know what was worn in this post, please just IM me: Candace Flossberg. ❤

Pony Girl

Pony Girl

+Spellbound+ Yumi // Boobs – Blonde with Adored Bow in Black (both can be found at The Big Show)
LE FORME – Lust Bodysuit in Black (comes with appliers for tango/lush and brazilia/ghetto and phat azz)
*(HighRize)* – Shoeper Woman (Black) (fits Slink high feet only)
Mesmerize Dungeon – MD – Rubber Cuffs v.3.0
Pony Tail:
Mesmerize Dungeon – MD – Pony Tail
Slink – Elegant – Small
Slink – Female feet – High
Nail polish:
Hello Dave – Gacha Nail Appliers – Overcast (this store is AWESOME! Maia Gasparini always sends out free gifts and there is only a 35L fee to join the group. The gifts include nail polish appliers for toes and feets!)
(rehab.) Lily – Caramel

Sorry for the crappy pictures and poses. I’m not a photographer and don’t want to pay anyone to do my photos so I’m just going with it! I will also eventually get some new poses that do not suck gigantic monkey balls. I’ve been around since 2006 and poses/animations are one thing I didn’t see a use to collect. Now I see I was wrong! 🙂

Just like with my previous post, if there is anything you have questions on or need help finding, please contact me in world: Candace Flossberg

Unlike all these other snotty bitches on Second Life, I’m actually completely willing to help others and do not mind if someone “copies” my shit. I’m 100% in support of SL fashion designers and I’m also 100% in support of the Not Being a Stupid Cunt campaign.

Blue Monday.

Blue Monday.

Mondays are indeed blue.

Hair: little bones. – Blue Monday – Blondes ❤ (obsessed with this hair and anything from little bones)
Skin: (rehab). Lily – Caramel ❤ (includes all appliers in the skin package)
Eye Shadow: MONS – Mystery – Blue
Freckles – Tres Blah
Hands: Slink – Elegant
Feet: Slink – High feet
Booty: Ghetto Booty – No.02 ❤
Mouth: Loud Mouth. – Alli – Closed ❤
Tattoo: Suicide Girls – Petite tattoo in fresh
Jewelry: Open Collar – Lace Collar
Phone: VCO – Cat phon (gacha item)
Bodysuit: Blink2wink – Smexy Body Suit in Blue
Jacket: QE – Natalia Jacket – Black suede

YumYum ~ Cotton Candy

YumYum ~ Cotton Candy

Playing around on the Exodus Viewer because it takes awesome pics! Who knew it was only good for gaming?

::Purple Candy :: – Cotton Candy (from the Cotton Candy Hunt 2014) – socks included
!Infinity Lip Piercing – TCC Hunt Set (The Cotton Candy 2014)
+Spellbound+ Yumi // Boobs – Blondes + Adored Bow (both from The Big Show)
The Sugar Garden aka .tsg. Bubble Heels v.2 – White w/ Add on – Stripper Bank
Suicide Gurls – Petite Tattoo in Fresh (appliers for Tango breasts)

If you have any other questions on anything I’m wearing, please contact me in world or via Flickr. 🙂